Chubs, chasers, and their fans are in Fort Lauderdale for their favorite and most anticipated event of the year: Cannonball Bash Journey Into the Future.

The third annual event is one of the biggest celebrations of body positivity and is a fun, judgment-free zone.

“There are a lot of events out there. One of the things [the LGBT community doesn’t] do well is promoting body positivity,” Cannonball’s Senior Operations Manager Matt Quillen said.

The party is from Oct. 27-Nov. 1. This year’s theme gives off a futuristic vibe under the modern sunny skies of South Florida. The Westin Fort Lauderdale will host the group for their Halloween party, bear yoga, a gay circus, DJs, a fashion show and more. As the host hotel, the Westin is party central but hardly the only place to go. Cannonball’s team has set up spa excursions, airboat rides, bus tours, and more.

Quillen said this is a weekend for people to come, relax and feel comfortable. One guest from last year sticks out in his mind. Early in the weekend, he saw the pool and was hanging out but didn’t feel comfortable jumping in or being in swimwear. By the end of the weekend the guest was having the time of his life.

“It’s a no judgment zone. It's good to go and feel comfortable in your own skin,” Howard Andrew said.

Andrew is one of the main vendors at the party. He’ll be selling accessories like toys, lubes, aromas, etc. He’s a regular at the event and says it’s one of his favorites of the year.

“It’s an amazing event and I love it. It’s so inclusive of everybody from a chaser to a super cub.”

Quillen said people fly in from all over the country and is a bonding experience for everyone.

“There’s a ton of excitement. Everyone’s really ramped up. They’ve been waiting all year for this.”

Tickets may be sold out, but you can check at