Main Street Takes Over Wilton

Entertainers at 2010 Stonewall Street Festival

Wicked Manors Becomes Group’s First Endeavor

After the highly scrutinized aftermath of this year’s Stonewall Street Festival, an organization known as Wilton Manors Main Street (WMMS) has stepped forward in an attempt to take control of all future large-scale events which take place in Wilton Manors.  Their goal is to avoid the financial catastrophe witnessed during June’s festival.



As the city of Wilton Manors prepares for its Halloween tradition, Wicked Weekend, WMMS has developed an all-inclusive plan to manage the event which can then be implemented towards all future street events, parades and festivals.

This year’s Stonewall Street Festival resulted in thousands of dollars of financial losses incurred by vendors and suppliers, including local police services.  As a result, any new events being planned will require funding guarantees and in some cases advanced payments. “There are major new contingencies now that directly impact event planning.” according to Doug Cureton, Chairman for the proposed Wicked Weekend Street Festival 2010, which last year drew an estimated 20,000 spectators.

One of the major problems for organizers in the past, and especially for Stonewall, has been the lack of experienced volunteers.  If corrected, this crucial element of event planning may contribute to greater financial success in the future.

Wilton Manors Main Street has therefore devised a new program based on a “trade show format”.  WMMS will serve as the event organizer and will arrange the permits, insurance, city services, restrooms, entertainment, publicity and promotion of the event.  The event costs will then be divided among the major event sponsors who will provide the necessary seed money to plan and present the event, insuring fiscal responsibility to the city and related support vendors.

This new approach will put the local bar businesses in charge of all bar sales operations. Bar owners and their staffs will create on-street vending stations, staff, supply, and operate them, and keep all the proceeds derived from sales.

Any proceeds from the event will be managed and allocated WMMS, which is comprised of the city’s business and civic leaders.

An announcement regarding the theme and entertainment for the upcoming Wicked Weekend Street Festival 2010 is expected to be made within a few weeks.

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