For many years the corner of US1 and Oakland Park Blvd. was known for hate groups taking it over and protesting. But last year after the Orlando massacre, local lawyer, Tom Runyan reclaimed the corner and turned it into a beacon of hope with his Monday night “Love Always Wins” rallies.

The first week 250 showed up.

“The message of the rally is love always wins,” Runyan said at the time. “This corner has always been a corner of hatred. Today we took it back.”

The story quickly become one of SFGN’s most viewed and shared stories of the year.

“We wanted to take that corner back and spread a message of love and cooperation,” Runyan said at the time. Co-founder of rally Derek Maingot added at the time, “we wanted to bring some happiness and color to that corner, with flags and smiles, and honking horns.”

And that’s exactly what they did for six months. After the election they shut the weekly rallies down. But they may come back with Runyan saying “we are waiting to see how the new government shapes up.”

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