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It’s a lounge for rejuvenation.

Tucked away in a shopping plaza off A-1-A in Fort Lauderdale’s Galt Mile is a lounge where drinks are served in untraditional methods. This lounge is all about wellness and nutrition and the drip comes intravenously.

Welcome to Liquivita Lounge, quite possibly the future of medicine.

“We created the Liquivita Lounge concept to bring nutrient IV therapy to the masses,” says founder Samuel Tejada, a Broward County firefighter and paramedic.

Raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Tejada now calls Coconut Creek home. He launched his premium wellness spa setting earlier this year after hearing a lot of positive buzz from similar startups in Los Angeles.

The idea of voluntarily sticking a needle in your arm is still a bit daunting for some so Tejada and his investors have made every effort to ensure a relaxed ambiance for the Liquivita Lounge experience. Tejada describes the lounge – with locations in Broward and Palm Beach Counties – as offering concierge-like service the moment guests walk through his doors.

“We teamed up with a leading group of medical experts to create the best IV nutrient infusions in a high-end lounge setting,” Tejada said.

The lounge offers seven nutrient IV drips, giving guests a variety of options to improve their wellness. Executives seeking to sharpen performance and relieve stress have their brand while other drips are offered that improve the appearance of skin, nails and hair; power cell defenses and even cure hangovers.

A normal session takes anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes for the IV to be administered, said therapist Brian Beasley.

“Those IV drips were amazing. I can’t even begin to describe in words how great I felt after leaving Liquivita Lounge, especially 2-3 days later. That massage chair sure didn’t hurt either!” said MMA fighter Steve Montgomery, in one of several VIP testimonials posted on the lounge’s website.

Flight attendants, competitive athletes and busy corporate executives fit the usual profile of an IV therapy patient, said Emmanuel Trenche, marketing and public relations manager at Liquivita Lounge. Not to be left out, Millennials, have a drip targeted for their lifestyle. Labeled “Rise and Shine,” this drip is customized for society scene stealers recovering from a party hangover.

“Hungover? Bounce back and get moving quickly,” reads a page in a promotional Liquivita Lounge brochure. What makes the Rise & Shine drip so effective? Liquivita officials point to Taurine, the drip’s most powerful ingredient. Taurine is an amino acid that works with electrolytes and Magnesium, a metal, and Chloride, a halogen, to detoxify cells.

For a free consultation, call 954-909-4998 or to book a session, visit