Longwood, Fla. – A Longwood bakery was ambushed by a YouTuber as he recorded a phone call of himself asking for a cake with an anti-gay remark on it and posted the video.

Joshua Feuerstein, whose Facebook page refers to himself as a former television and radio evangelist in Arizona, contacted Cut The Cake in Longwood and asked them to create a sheet cake with the phrase “We do not support gay marriage” written on it.

At first the person on the other line asked if this was a prank call before stating “We wouldn’t do that, sorry” and then disconnected the call.

Feuerstein, who stated in the video that he loves gay people and has nothing against them, says he called to make a point on why we need religious freedom bills.

Religious freedom bills have come under scrutiny over the last week as Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a similar bill into law, and several other states have similar bills before their State Legislatures.

The video led to Cut The Cake owners, Sharon Haller and Cyndol Knarr, getting harassed and threatened.

“People are telling us that we need to kill ourselves and all kinds of stuff,” Haller told News 13. “We are just afraid for our business and our safety.”

Feuerstein has since removed the video from his YouTube page but Knarr placed it back up on her personal page with the message “This is the official video that was originally posted by Feuerstein that attacked us at Cut The Cake Longwood, Florida and then deleted after he was personally attacked.”

Knarr goes on to say “Please help put a stop to people like Joshua Feuerstein.”

From our media partner Watermark