UPDATE: A recount is underway to determine the third place finisher in Oakland Park. Matthew Sparks currently leads the field with 3,645 votes.


Voters in Oakland Park returned Mayor Tim Lonergan and Commissioner Sara Guevrekian to office.

Lonergan collected the most votes in the nine candidate field with 4,353 votes. Guevrekian tallied 4,120 and Sparks got 3,645.

“I am grateful that the voters of Oakland Park have placed their trust in me,” said Lonergan in a telephone conversation with SFGN late Tuesday evening.

Lonergan, a gay man, was endorsed by the Sun-Sentinel, Broward County AFL-CIO and Dolphin Democrats among other groups. He campaigned on improving Oakland Park’s “affordability, desirability, safety and quality of life.”

Rounding out the field were: Steven R. Arnst (3,628), Scott Herman (3,620), John Michael Perez (3,226), Curletha D. Campbell (2,268), Mitchell Stollberg-Appleyard (2,083) and Mitch Rosenwald (1,426). Herman, Stollberg-Appleyard and Rosenwald are openly gay.

A total of 28,369 people voted in Oakland Park’s 16 precincts. While he returns to the commission, Lonergan rotates out of the mayor’s seat and John Adornato III rotates in. Both men are gay and married.