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Elaine Lancaster, the controversial Miami Beach drag queen, delivered a low blow during the high holidays.

Using the hashtags #JewishCollusion and #FacebookFraudsters, Lancaster retweeted a story on Friday about meetings between the Hillary Clinton campaign and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The tweet came as the Jewish community, which has a sizeable population in South Florida, was celebrating Yom Kippur.

Sharon Kersten, owner of a public relations firm that specializes in reaching the LGBT community, was none too pleased.

“JEWISH collusion? What does Zuckerberg’s religion have to do with this story?! I had no idea you were also an anti-Semite. I guess I’ll get blocked too.”

Lancaster is also rocking the boat elsewhere these days. She was removed (or quit) as featured entertainer at Señor Frogs sunday brunch, reports the Miami Herald.

Before the Trump era, in 2015, Lancaster, aka James Davis, was honored by the Harvey Milk Foundation for its inaugural Diversity Honors awards show at Seminole Hard Rock.

“We were looking for people who are constantly giving back to the community or people who are tremendously authentic. James is both categories. He brings forth, with glitz and glamor, authenticity. And he brings forth, with glitz and glamor, giving back to the community,” Stuart Milk, president of the Milk Foundation, told the Miami Herald at the time.

Lancaster didn’t start  making waves until her support of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. She appeared out of drag on CNN to criticize the Affordable Care Act, former President Barack Obama’s signature piece of legislation.

She is now scheduled to join Fort Lauderdale resident and Trump confidant Roger Stone for a “free speech bash” Oct. 13 in Orlando.

“First the lgbt community, then Hispanics, now Jews. What happened to you that you are so filled with anger and hate?” Kersten tweeted at Lancaster.