Three local Democratic groups issued a joint statement condemning President Donald Trump’s alleged statements on Haitian and Nigerian immigrants.

Dolphin Democrats of Broward County, the Haitian American Democratic Club of Broward and Broward County Democratic Black Caucus spoke out against Trump’s comments, which according to The Hill included saying all Haitians “have AIDS.” Members of the Dolphin Democrats said in the statement the words brought back the same feeling as the 1980s discrimination against LGBT people due to AIDS.

“In words and actions, the president and his administration continue to disparage people of color, immigrants, and those requiring health care," President of the Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus Terry Fleming said. "He seems intent on dividing us instead of bringing us together. That's especially disheartening at this time of year. We expect better from our elected leaders."

The statement also calls for congressmen and women to act on articles of impeachment because of his “unethical misconduct and his Administration’s discrimination on the bases of Veteran Status, Race, Religion, Disability and National Origin of everyday American Citizens and guests of our great Country.”

According to the statement, Dolphin Democrats president Scott Herman reached out to the Haitian American Democratic Club and Broward County Democratic Black Caucus to make the joint statement. All three organizations’ presidents signed the statement, including Haitian American Democratic Club’s Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas and Broward County Democratic Black Caucus’ Janet Burnett.