Endorsements from Equality Florida, SAVE and PBCHRC


Equality Florida endorsements for the 2016 general election.

State Races:

Rod Smith - Florida Senate District 8
Linda Stewart - Florida Senate District 13
Victor Torres, Jr. - Florida Senate District 15
Darryl Rouson - Florida Senate District 19
Frank Alcock III - Florida Senate District 23
Jeff Clemens - Florida Senate District 27
Bobby Powell - Florida Senate District 30
Gary Farmer - Florida Senate District 34
Dwight Bullard - Florida Senate District 40
Lorrane Ausley - Florida House District 9
Amanda Murphy - Florida House District 36
John Cortes - Florida House District 43
Beth Turra (LGBT) - Florida House District 47
Amy Mercado - Florida House District 48
Carlos Guillermo Smith (LGBT) - Florida House District 49
Rena Frazier - Florida House District 59
David Singer - Florida House District 60
Lisa Montelione - Florida House District 63
Ben Diamond - Florida House District 68
Jennifer Webb (LGBT) - Florida House District 69
Wengay Newton - Florida House District 70
Edward James - Florida House District 72
Robert Simeone - Florida House District 85
Matt Willhite - Florida House District 86
Lori Berman - Florida House District 90
Ken Keechl (LGBT) - Florida House District 93
Ivette Gonzales Petkovich - Florida House District 103
Richard Stark - Florida House District 104
David Richardson (LGBT) - Florida House District 113
Daisy Baez - Florida House District 114
Robert Asencio - Florida House District 118
Holly Raschein - Florida House District 120


Local Races:

Mike Byerly - Alachua County Commission District 1
Robert Hutchinson - Alachua County Commission District 3
Michael Udine - Broward County Commission District 3
Steve Geller - Broward County Commission District 5
Cathy James (LGBT) - Hillsborough School Board 7
Pat Kemp - Hillsborough County Commission District 6
Eleanor Sobel - Mayor, City of Hollywood
Jose Alvarez - Mayor, Kissimmee
Angela Eady - Kissimmee City Commission, District 3
Frank Mann - Lee County Commission District 5
Richard Chervony - North Bay Island Commissioner, North Bay Village
Andreana Jackson - Treasure Island Commissioner, North Bay Village
David Hasilif - Okeechobee County Commission District 1
Peggy Choudry - Osceola County Commission District 1
Brandon Arrington - Osceola County Commission District 3
Daniel Wall-Desousa - Palm Bay City Council Seat
Dave Kerner - Palm Beach County Commission District 3
Mary Lou Berger - Palm Beach County Commission District 5
Charlie Justice - Pinellas County Commission District 3 At-Large
Ken Welch - Pinellas County Commission District 7, Single Member
Dr. Matt Stewart (LGBT) - Pinellas County School Board 1
Gary Resnick (LGBT) - Mayor, Wilton Manors
Tom Green (LGBT) - City Commission, Wilton Manors
Julie Carson (LGBT) - City Commission, Wilton Manors



Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Endorsements:


President - Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senator - Patrick E. Murphy
U.S. Congressman (Dist. 18) - Randy Perkins
U.S. Congressman (Dist. 20) - Alcee Hastings
U.S. Congresswoman (Dist. 21) - Lois Frankel
U.S. Congressman (Dist. 22) - Ted Deutch

State Senator (Dist. 30) - Bobby Powell
State Senator (Dist. 31) - Jeff Clemens
State Representative (Dist 82) - Mary W. Higgins
State Representative (Dist. 85) - Robert Simeone
State Representative (Dist 86) - Matt Willhite
State Representative (Dist 90) - Lori Berman

County Commissioner (Dist. 1) - CO-ENDORSEMENT - Tony Bennett and Hal R. Valeche

County Commissioner (Dist. 3) - David Kerner
County Commissioner (Dist. 5) - Mary Lou Berger

School Board Member (Dist. 1) - Barbara McQuinn

Circuit Court Judge (Group 4) - Gregory Tendrich
County Court Judge (Group 11) - Gregg Lerman

Port of Palm Beach (Group 3) - Jean L. Enright

Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation Group 3 - Patricia "Pat" Edmonson

Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation (Group 4) - Rob Long

Amendment 2: Yes



Here are the general election endorsements from SAVE’s Action Pac:

Federal: Hillary Clinton, U.S. President, Patrick Murphy, U.S. Senate, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, U.S. Congress, (D-FL 23), Joe Garcia, U.S. Congress (D-FL-26), U.S. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL 27).

State & Local (Broward): Ken Keechl, Florida House District 93, Senator Eleanor Sobel, Mayor of Hollywood, Maria Jackson, Hollywood, Commission Seat 2, Lea Krauss, Broward 17th Circuit Group 9, Mayor Gary Resnick, Mayor of Wilton Manors, Commissioner Julie Carson, Wilton Manors Commission, and Commissioner Tom Green, Wilton Manors Commission.

State & Local (Miami-Dade): Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Miami-Dade County Mayor, Florida Senator Rene Garcia, District 36, Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla & Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez, Florida Senate 37, Phillip Brutus, FL Senate 38, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, Florida 39, Senator Dwight Bullard, District 40, Ivette Gonzalez-Petkovich, FL House 103, Nicholas Duran, Florida House 112, Representative David Richardson, Florida House 113, Daisy Baez, Florida House 114, Jeffrey “Doc” Solomon, Florida House 115, Representative Jose Felix Diaz, Florida House 116, Robert Asencio, Florida House 118, Representative Holly Raschein, Florida House 120, Modesto ‘Mo’ Abety, Miami-Dade School Board District 6, Carol “Jodi” Breece, Miami-Dade 11th Circuit Group 52, Harvey Ruvin, Clerk of Courts, Mayor Connie Leon-Kreps, Mayor of North Bay Village, Sandra Ruiz, Mayor of Doral.

Amendment 1: No

Amendment 2: Yes

Retain Florida Supreme Court Justices Charles T. Canady, Jorge LaBarga and Ricky L. Polston.

Founded in 1993, SAVE stands for Saveguarding American Values for Everyone. It is recognized as South Florida's leading organization protecting LGBT people from discrimination.