Local Conservative Commentator Dies of COVID-19

Saul "Ron" Brenesky. Photo via Oscar Christian, Facebook.

Saul "Ron" Brenesky died April 27 of COVID-19. Brenesky was a community leader, husband, nightclub owner, and media owner. He was 63.

A Miami native, Brenesky is remembered as a pillar of the gay community and as someone who spent a lot of his life dedicated to work and helping others, especially those in need. 

More recently he was a host of “It’s Happening Out,” an online LGBT news show. He was known for his conservative viewpoints and for his support of President Donald Trump.

“I am heartbroken. I can’t breathe. I’m so sorry for his husband,” said Al Ferguson, a co-host of “It’s Happening Out.” “Ron was our Republican and Trump supporter. But unique to me in argument and temperament. Our world is darker today. He always said on the show ‘Hug each other.’ He would always say ‘I love you.’” 

His death is shining a light on his long list of accomplishments. Brenesky organized toy drives, Christmas dinners, school supply drives, and worked as a tireless advocate in the fight for LGBT equality in the U.S. and abroad. He was known for his kindness and passion and supporting those who needed a voice. Brenesky was also a founding member of the LGBT advocacy group Unity Coalition|Coalicion Unida.

On Facebook, Unity Coalition’s President and CEO Herb Sosa described Brenesky as funny, outspoken, a friend, adversary, political shark, and a go-getter. “He was a lot of different things, and sparked many emotions, to all he encountered,” he wrote. 

Jon Welsh, Care Resource Associate Director of Marketing & Development, remembers his friend fondly. He said Brenesky was good at bringing people together. 

“We shared a lot of fun stories involving Miami Beach,” he said. “He had a thirst for freedom and the liberation of Cuba.”

Brenesky’s conservative views sometimes put him at odds with many in Miami’s liberal LGBT community. But despite any differences of opinion over politics or other issues, Brenesky’s death is viewed as a huge loss to those he assisted.

Brenesky’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for financial support.