Lil Nas X’s posted his pregnancy pictures seven months ago and now he’s delivering for his favorite causes, including Transinclusive in South Florida.

The artist created the registry so fans could donate to causes close to his heart. Now Transinclusive Group says the effort raised a half-million dollars, some of which will go to them. Each track on the Montero album was dedicated to a different organization, and Transinclusive is the beneficiary of all money donated to the title track, Montero.

“The Montero baby registry was created to send resources to grassroots groups serving the most vulnerable,” Lil Nas X said. “Funds raised will go to people living with HIV and inspire a new generation of leaders who will keep pushing for HIV education and one day, a cure.”

“We celebrate Lil Nas X for taking this important step so that others can follow his lead,” said Tatiana Williams, Executive Director of Transinclusive Group. “Being included on Lil Nas X’s registry has provided invaluable visibility to the important work Transinclusive Group is doing in South Florida and beyond and we are grateful for the outpouring of support and love that we have seen as a result. The funds that his fans have donated, along with Gilead Sciences’ generous matching of contributions, will help to accelerate our efforts to address stigma and racial disparities and help Transgender individuals access resources and assistance through our emergency crisis fund and our new housing initiative.”

Despite only being about five years old, Transinclusive Group has quickly made an impact in lifting up South Florida’s trans community. Last week, they celebrated Trans Day of Visibility at Hamburger Mary’s, shining a spotlight on local artists and making sure their voices are heard. “Our Transinclusive Group team had such an incredible evening hosting a Transgender Day of Visibility celebration of trans joy and community at Hamburger Mary’s while surrounded by so many of our trans and nonbinary siblings, close friends, and amazing community partners,” Transinclusive Director Nic Zantop said.

Zantop says events like this one are more important than ever. “Even during a year that has already been filled with so much adversity, there is power in being united in solidarity, holding space for each other, and celebrating our own joy and resilience. It was so exciting to have a safe, supportive space where seasoned talent could perform alongside newer voices in community, and where personal stories of our trans experience could uplift and inspire. We've already received lots of positive feedback from attendees who are eager for our next event, and we're really looking forward to creating more spaces for trans joy to blossom!”

Their outreach is especially needed for trans people of color. Black people are 13% of the U.S. population but make up 40% of new infections. The disparity is blamed on racism, socioeconomic marginalization, barriers to healthcare, housing, and transportation. Transinclusive Group is vocal in its mission to concentrate focus on serving people of color.