Give Miami Day, one of the largest annual online giving events in the Southeast United States, took place on Nov. 16 for 24 hours of giving beginning at 12 a.m. Nov. 16 and ending at 12 a.m. Nov. 17.

According to the Miami Foundation, which hosts the donation-based event, 20,413 donors gave $10.1 million to 695 local nonprofits. Amongst those benefitted were some local LGBT nonprofits, including SAVE, SMASH, Pridelines and Unity Coalition. Combined, the organizations raised more than $22,000 for LGBT individuals in need of HIV/AIDS related resources, housing and employment and educational opportunities. 


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“We raised $13,000. The donations will be focused on the SAVE Foundation, the educational arm of the organization. SAVE has had a long history with the Miami Foundation. I am a Miami Foundation Fellow from Class VI. We have been doing Give Miami Day since its inception. We are also recipients of the LGBT Community Grants that they also give. They are very supportive. SAVE Foundation will continue to educate the community on the dangers of conversion therapy aimed at our youth. We will continue to build our network of businesses that are focused on equality. We will continue to build our inner-city GSA high school program and continue to reduce prejudice against the LGBTcommunity through our educational field work, knocking on doors, and phone banks.”

Tony Lima, CEO 


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SMASH (Struggle for Miami’s Affordable and Sustainable Housing)

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“We did it! Thanks to your generous contribution, we not only met our Give Miami Day $1,500 fundraising goal. We SMASHed right through it, finally coming to rest at $2,278. Wow! Truly, we cannot thank you enough. As a result of our overwhelming success on Give Miami Day, SMASH is going to be able to move even faster in the creation of the Community Land Trust (CLT) in Liberty City with housing options for slum-affected families and LGBTQ homeless youth. In addition, we are fighting hard for the creation of an Affordable Housing Innovation District in Miami, as part of the CLT, to further streamline the construction process and make sure that our dollars have even more impact. 

As always with SMASH's various strategies, community involvement is key. So no matter what idea we decide to explore further, we are committed to making sure the community is involved in that conversation, every step of the way. Your contributions will give us the flexibility to host even more listening sessions in the streets of Miami, and we will invest in more technology and equipment to do full audio/visual presentations, and broadcast them online. Together, we will shelter the LGBTQ homeless youth, defeat the slumlords, end gentrification and develop Miami for the people, by the people.” 

~ Adrian Alberto Madriz, project lead


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“We raised $6,900. We actually exceeded our fundraising goal that day. Yay! The funds will be allocated to our Project SAFE programs and services for LGBTQ youth experiencing or at-risk of experiencing homelessness. That includes access to food, transportation, and housing, as well as the many wrap-around services that we offer directly from our center. We have a great relationship with The Miami Foundation. We receive funds from the Community Projects fund and from the LGBTQ Community Projects fund to support our community center and the myriad of programs and services we offer throughout the year.”

~ Victor Diaz-Herman, CEO


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“Give Miami Day is a great opportunity for South Florida's nonprofits to raise much-needed funding. Unity Colaition has participated in Give Miami Day for several years now, as well as receiving grants from the Miami Foundation. For us, this has not resulted in a big day of donations. The program is better suited for groups that have a solid and year-round donor base they can call upon for Give Miami Day. Also, with the success of Give Miami Day, many times we are all reaching out to the same pool of individuals and funding sources, making it all that more challenging, and an opportunity to get more creative and aggressive in how we seek funding. Unity Coalition |COALICIÓN UNIDA is the first and only organization for the South Florida Latinx|Hispanic|LGBT community, advancing equality and fairness through education, leadership and awareness since 2002.”

~ Herb Sosa, CEO