A collection of LGBT related social service agencies came together Monday to launch the Broward LGBTQ Leader Response Task Force. 

The leaders of five different organizations participated in a phone call to discuss how they are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and what they can do to support each other through this community wide crisis. 

“We are making sure we are aware of what each other is doing and be present for each other and for our community,” said Robert Griffin, Executive Minister of Sunshine Cathedral. 

Griffin said they will virtually meet three times a week. On Monday’s call five agencies were represented including the Pride Center, Our Fund, SunServe, Sunshine Cathedral and the Legal Aid Service of Broward County.

They discussed “what agencies are specifically doing to help the community. Who’s staying open, who’s closing,” Griffin said. “We want to make sure the community knows we are there for them.”

Griffin said they want to make sure people are still reaching out if they need help.

“Self-quarantine is not self-isolation so if they need something please reach out,” he said. 

The second virtual meeting will take place Wednesday and also include Broward House, Latinos Salud and Church of the Holy Spirit Song. 

The idea of the task force arose from a conversation between SFGN publisher Norm Kent and Our Fund Foundation President & CEO David Jobin.  

“It wasn’t until we got the phone call from Norm that it became crystal clear what Our Fund needed to do, which was step up as a convener,” Jobin said.  

Jobin then contacted community leaders to bring them together.  

Griffin said he is looking to bring faith leaders together this week as well to form the Faith Leaders Response Task Force to address how they can also support the community.