Robin Denson had to choose between turning in her child for murder or standing up for her slain lover.

According to The Palm Beach Post, 36-year-old Kaladaa Crowell and her daughter, 11-year-old Kyra Inglett, were murdered outside their home on Dec. 28 after an altercation turned violent. Police believe that the person behind the murders is 26-year-old Marlin Larice Joseph, Denson’s son.

“Marlin, son, I love you,” Denson said at the Dec. 30 press conference in West Palm Beach, where the murders occurred. “You know I love you, but please, turn yourself in. If you’re scared to do so, call me. I want justice for my girlfriend and her daughter. He’s my son and I love him, but I also loved them too.”

Denson, who was present when the shooting occured days after the Christmas holiday, said he was a good kid despite his criminal history. According to Autostraddle, “U.S. Marshalls tracked Marlin Joseph down at an apartment complex on Federal Highway in Lake Worth and took him into custody.”

Crowell, a caseworker at the Jerome Golden Center for Behavioral Health, is remembered by her girlfriend as “the sweetest person” who would “give the shirt off her back to help anybody.”

Crowell’s sister Kaarmel Crowell describes her niece as a “mama’s girl” who was spoiled rotten and was also her “mom’s protector.”

“She was one of those spunky 11-year-olds,” Kaarmel said according to Palm Beach Post. “She would try to boss you around even though you were an adult.”

Crowell's murder marks the fourth black lesbian murdered during the final week of 2017.