Andrew Brett, president of the Broward County Log Cabin Republicans, tore into muslims, President Trump’s impeachment, and several U.S. House Representatives during a rally in front of Wilton Manors City Hall Monday morning. 

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About 12 people showed up in support of the organization. The LCR represents LGBT Republicans. About three dozen counter protestors also showed up. 

“The Democratic Party has become the party of division in America,” Brett said starting off a speech that was riddled with wild claims, conspiracy theories and inflammatory rhetoric. “Whereas, the Republican Party is the party of inclusion for all Americans.” 


Most of Brett’s speech could barely be heard due to the counter protester’s shouting and the bull horn used by local activist Michael Rajner. Apparently the organizers of the event forgot to charge the battery on their sound system. 

“I think it’s important to be here because generations that follow us will be subject to the horrible laws and punishments from this administration if [Trump] should be reelected,” Rajner said. “He’s appointed some terrible judges that are hostile to the LGBT community, and our protections are eroding so quickly. We must stand up, we must register to vote, and we must get the community to mobilize to stand up against this hate.”


The scheduled event was billed as a press conference where Brett and other conservatives would attempt to persuade the LGBT community to support and reelect President Trump. 

But most of Brett’s speech had little to do with the LGBT community. He spent more time attacking U.S. House Representatives Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ted Deutch, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib than promoting Trump's supposedly pro-LGBT record. 

According to a written transcript of the speech (attached at the end) given to SFGN by Brett, he accused the current crop of presidential candidates of supporting “socialism in which supports sharia law.”

Sharia law is another term for Islamic law. 

“The GLBT Democratic residents of Broward County don’t understand or comprehend the catastrophic results of Sharia Law,” he said. “Omar and Tlaib support Sharia Law and definitely do not support the GLBT community even though they claim to be democrats. Omar and Tlaib are not friends of the GLBT community and support the execution of beheadings of GLBT people.” 

Omar and Tlaib are two Muslim members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Brett’s inflammatory statements are clearly false as there is no evidence that either of them supports Sharia Law or the killing of LGBT people. Omar has been outspoken in defending LGBT rights. 


Brett went on to warn that Wilton Manors will suffer a Pulse-style attack against the LGBT community, but offered up no evidence. 

Brett also raged against Wasserman Schultz and Deutch, accusing them both of doing nothing for LGBT people and only giving “lip service” to the community. 

Brett then launched into a tangent claiming that in 1974 Congress passed a law that would give a president, who was unfairly impeached, the opportunity to serve an additional three years in office. It’s unclear what he could have been referencing. 

Brett also made it clear the LCR fully supports gun ownership and gun rights. 

“Might I remind the GLBT community that Hitler took the guns away from 20,000 people and you saw how that played out,” he said. “The Log Cabin Republicans totally support the Second Amendment and we’ll be damned if any socialists will take that right away.”

Brett called burning the American flag a “hate crime.” 

Eventually the president of the local LCR did give seven things Trump has done for the LGBT community. 

  1. Appointed five openly gay men to ambassadorships 
  2. Appointed two openly gay judges 
  3. Has attempted to end the criminalization of homosexuality around the world 
  4. Promised to end the AIDS epidemic in 10 years 
  5. Allocated more money for HIV research than former President Obama did in eight years
  6. Was the first Republican nominee for president to address the LGBT community during the Republican National Convention
  7. Does not take a salary, instead donating the money to various governmental agencies.

“So when GLBT folks, not only in Broward County, but throughout the country say — ‘President Trump is taking our rights away.’ I always ask ‘What rights has he taken away from you when you woke up this morning?’ He hasn’t. And didn’t.”

Michael Rajner pushed back on Brett’s assertion that Trump is allocating more money for HIV research. 

“He’s gone after other programs that help people living with HIV,” Rajner said. “He’s endangering all of those programs that work in tandem with one another. He’s shifting resources and that has made it more dangerous.”

The Dolphin Democrats, who represent LGBT Democrats in Broward, responded with a list of things that Trump has done against the LGBT community. 

1.Has not officially recognized Pride Month. 

2. Withdrew protections for transgender individuals under Title IX. 

3. Signed an executive order focused on “religious liberty,” setting the groundwork to allow discrimination against the LGBT community based on religious beliefs. 

4. Trump’s Justice Department stated that Title VII, which protects against employment discrimination, does not extend to LGBT individuals. 

5. Trump banned transgender people from serving in the military.   

During the speech Brett also claimed Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. According to multiple websites, including this Think Progress piece it is not true. King was not affiliated with any party.

Several Republican candidates for office also spoke at the event including Greg Musselwhite, candidate for Florida's 20th Congressional District; Darlene Swaffar, candidate for District 22; and James Pruden, candidate for District 22.

Justin Musial also contributed to this report. 


Here is the complete transcript of Andrew Brett's speech given to SFGN.

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