The Broward Log Cabin Club of Florida sponsored a very successful evening social for Sheriff Al Lamberti at the Lazy Lake home of Joe McCallion and Jim Rafferty.

Guest addressed concerns about corruption, pill mills, alleged sex slavery rings, and if he had any other political interests other than that of being the Sheriff of Broward County.

The Sheriff reported that the number of pill mills in the county have been substantially reduced thanks to the cooperation he’s received because of Legislative action and support from the State Attorney’s office. He noted that he and his staffers have worked with the County Commission and was therefore able to reduce his operational budget substantially thereby meeting a number of budget guidelines and objectives. Guests were also informed that, with the support of the State Attorney’s office, issues addressing corruption have already been highlighted by the media; yet, there are still some ongoing investigations. His office is well aware of an underground sex trade and there are staffers who address issues dealing with the battering of women and matters associated with child pornography and abuse.

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