Latinos Salud is pleased to announce the opening of its new facilities at 2330 Wilton Drive, in the former Petals Penache building. The new location will serve as the agency’s administrative offices, as well as the location for the agency’s new CDC-funded “Juntos” programs.


Latinos Salud’s Executive Director, Stephen Fallon, spoke to SFGN about their expanded location and programs.

“One of the new Juntos programs has be- gun recruiting leaders from Broward’s Latino gay community to create a dialogue with their peers that can ultimately change community attitudes about HIV and safer sex,” said Fallon, who was featured in an earlier article in this newspaper. “The new Juntos program has opened its doors to provide a safe space for Latino guys to talk confidentially about any issues or challenges that make it hard for them to curb ongoing risky

behaviors, such as unprotected sex with partners of unknown HIV status.”

While the new offices are already open to clients, Latinos Salud will host its official Grand Opening with a reception on Saturday January 22, 2011.

Rafaele? Narva?ez, Latinos Salud’s Director of Health Programs, also gave commentary about their new location.

“Our ‘Somos’ program still has its club-house at our original location, 2051 Wilton Drive, Suite B, just down the path from Mark’s Haircuts. Our younger community members can use this safe space to hang out, make friends, and get information about how to make dating safer. Sometime next year, we will bring the Somos program under the same roof as our new main offices.”

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