Members of the Ku Klux Klan are reportedly spreading pamphlets around communities Jacksonville, Fla., urging residents to "support gay bashing" in order to "stop AIDS," Pink News reports.

"Homosexual men and their sexual acts are disgusting and inhuman," the handout reads. It also says people should "ban non-white immigration," "outlaw Haitians," and "deport mud people."

Jimmy Midyette, a member of the Jacksonville Coalition for Equality, took to Facebook and posted one of the flyers.

"These flyers have begun to appear at the homes of LGBT people - and surely others - in Jacksonville," he wrote on Nov. 21. "This is an unfortunate consequence of our recent success. Both with marriage equality and the progress we're making on equality in Jacksonville, we sadly can expect the vocal minority to freak out.

"Between this and the bomb threat made yesterday, our vigilance is required," he continued.

Similar pamphlets were passed around in the Mandeville, La., area in August, which called for the death of gay people in order to eradicate HIV and AIDS. The papers were also reportedly created by the KKK.