Kickball Kicks Off With a Bang 

Photo via the Rainbow Sports League.

The local LGBT kickball league held its opening games Saturday in Oakland Park where 8 teams and more than 130 players faced off against each other. 

“It was phenomenal,” said Jason Shervinski, general manager of Rainbow Sports League, which oversees kickball. “It was smooth sailing, Everyone had a wonderful time. Forty percent of the league is brand new to the sport.” 


One of those new people to the sport and league is Dünny Potter, who lives in Wilton Manors. 

“I enjoyed it a lot,” Potter said. “My team was intent on having fun.”

Potter had never played the game before starting a few weeks ago.   

“I felt very supported,” he said. “There were a lot of new players. Everyone was supportive of them.”

As for the hardest part of the game so far? 

“When you’re doing defensive trying to catch the ball and pass it to the right person to prevent the team from making points,” Potter said. “The kicking seemed a little easier you just kick the ball and run and get to the base.” 

His team, the Bundt Buddies, consists of 15 players. On Saturday they played two games. They won 3-1 against Ball Busters and lost 9-1 against The Real Housewives. 

But it’s not about winning Potter said. He likes that the league focuses more on having fun rather than competition. 

Kickball falls under the umbrella of the The Rainbow Sports League, which also oversees other local LGBT friendly sports including dodgeball, and beach volleyball.

This is the RSL kickball’s second season. The first one took place over the summer. 
Earlier this year Shervinski founded RSL. Last year some of these sports including kickball fell under a different league’s umbrella.

“This league was founded to provide a service to the community,” he said. “We’re also going to be very philanthropic orientated.” 

In May they partnered with the local LGBT softball and flag football leagues to host drag kickball where they raised more than $19,000 for SunServe. 


(Photo via the Rainbow Sports League)

Currently they’re not allowing anyone else to sign up for this season of kickball, but they welcome people to come out and watch their games, which take place Saturdays from noon to 4 p.m. at Stevens Fieldin Oakland Park. 

Looking forward the RSL will form a soccer league in the spring of 2020. Shervinski also said they’re in the process expanding RSL to Tampa where they are forming a kickball league. 

Registration for beach volleyball is open through Oct. 5. The next season of kickball starts January 4. Registration for that begins in mid-November. 

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