Former high school senior arrested for underage sex with freshman has moved on

In 2013 then 18-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt’s life was turned upside when she was a arrested for having a sexual relationship with her then 14-year-old freshman girlfriend.

Today it appears her life is back on track being engaged to Latasha Thomas, a 27-year-old woman.

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“We would like to announce that Kate and LT are now engaged and expecting a baby, Kate is pregnant!” Hunt’s mother Kelley Smith recently announced in a private Facebook group. “They received one of the biggest blessings someone could give a lesbian couple and now will welcome a baby into their lives in June. They couldn't be more excited and happy. We are all very happy and excited for them to move on to the next chapter in their lives.”

Hunt met her 14-year-old girlfriend during basketball tryouts at Sebastian River High School in Sebastian, Fla. When the younger girl’s parents found out in May of 2013, they alerted the police. After prosectuors refused to lessen the charges Hunt’s family took to social media to plead their case. The story quickly went national and viral. Hunt’s family believed that the younger girl’s parents went to police because it was a lesbian relationship. The parents denied that charge. In August of 2013 a judge revoked Hunt’s bond after finding out the teen had exchanged 20,000 text messages with the younger girlfriend in violation of court orders.

Hunt was released from jail in December after serving a three month sentence for charges including battery, interference with child custody, and contributing to the dependency of a child. She is now on house arrest serving a two year sentence and has to wear an ankle bracelet. After that there will be nine more months of monitored probation.

Hunt’s story will also reportedly be featured on a new series on MTV called “One Bad Choice.”

“I got an email from Kate's producer from MTV. One Bad Choice should air in Jan, she will keep in contact with me and let me know an exact date,” Hunt’s mother said on Facebook. “We are very excited about this opportunity for her to reach other teens. Kate was first told no, she was told she would have to petition the court to get permission. Kate is doing well, she has her emotional struggles, anger, and fear some days but most days she is her happy fun self.”

Hunt is currently in school to become a medical assistant. Not all is well in the teen’s life though. She’s saddled with more than 20,000 in court fees. Hunt’s mother posed a link to, an online venue to pay court fines.

“It’s still surreal to me that Kate has had to endure what she has this past year. As I watch her videos, look at picture of her high school days, it still just blows my mind that she was arrested and put in jail for having a high school fling. It’s insane to me to think about my baby being in jail for a teenage romance, it just doesn't make sense,” her mother said. “I will never understand how a set of parents could inflict a child with so much pain and stress for something so normal and typical. My prayer everyday is that Kate can fully heal from this trauma, that one day she will no longer feel sad, or afraid.”

Last week Hunt’s attorney, Julia Graves, requested that her second year of community control be converted to regular probation as well as a request to allow Hunt to move out of Indian River County.

“The state attorney has no objection to this, and we are just awaiting the [younger girl’s parent’s] decision to object or not,” Kelley Smith said. “We are hoping they will not object since Kate has done all that’s required. If they do object, we will take it before the judge and plead our case.”