Craig Jungwirth, the man once accused of threatening the LGBT community in Wilton Manors with a pulse style attack, is now attempting to sue the publisher of SFGN for defamation.

He claims Norm Kent defamed him in a column published last year that detailed Jungwirth’s involvement with Beach Bear Weekend in Fort Lauderdale.

In the lawsuit Jungwirth lists 10 statements from the column that are untrue, according to him.

“Despite the clear language of Plaintiff Jungwirth’s various websites, contracts, and various agreements, Defendant Kent intentionally and with malice published an article which provided entirely different information and cited these various websites, contracts and various agreements as sources thus making misrepresentations and making false statements,” the complaint reads.

Kent simply stated: “His claim is specious without merit and a frivolous waste of the court’s time. Nothing we said about him was untrue. SFGN stands by its reporting.”

Jungwirth’s complaint goes on to read “Plaintiff Jungwirth has been damaged by these false statements because the statements subject Plaintiff Jungwirth to hatred, distrust, ridicule, contempt and disgrace.” Finally the complaint asks for compensatory damages, court fees and costs, a retraction from Kent, and “injunctive relief to prevent Defendant Kent from making further defamatory remarks.”

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The lawsuit Jungwirth is attempting to file evolves out of a lawsuit Robert Young has filed to reclaim the name of Beach Bear Weekend from Jungwirth. In the suit, Young claims that Jungwirth failed to pay the contract fee and fraudulently misrepresented how it would be used.

Within that suit, Jungwirth has now tried to file a counterclaim against Kent, but Kent, an attorney since 1975, pointed out that the local rules require you pay the clerk a filing fee of $395 before it is accepted.

"More than that," Kent added, "at this stage of the proceeding he would need the court's permission to file the claim, and it is unlikely that you can join two separate, unrelated causes of action. But this is Craig Jungwirth and as we all have seen, he tries to make his own rules."

The attempted counterclaim was filed last week when Jungwirth reneged on an agreement to settle the case.

“The basis of a lawsuit for defamation is grounded in the fact that the published words are untruthful or harm and impair a person’s name and reputation," Kent said. "I did not to that to Mr. Jungwirth. He did it to himself. He is not Mother Theresa.”