Loosen up your hips and swing for the fences, because the Hurricane Showdown Softball Tournament is stepping up to the plate this weekend.

The annual event Friday, Nov. 26 - Nov. 28 and will feature 1,400 athletes from around the country celebrating community and competition.

To see the camaraderie and competition throughout all the divisions is like no other,” Jarvis McCray told SFGN. “I have been fortunate to meet so many amazing individuals throughout NAGAAA [North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance] and the member cities.”

The event is hosted by the SFAAA (South Florida Amateur Athletic Alliance), and McCray is in charge of pulling it off.

Our Tournament Director Chris Aleman and volunteers have been instrumental in the organization of this tournament. The planning of this annual tournament takes place close to a year in advance to ensure we exceed the expectations of teams, fans and players than the previous year.”

The tournament is going down at three area recreational centers: Mills Pond Park from Friday through Sunday with free admission all weekend, and at Brian Piccolo and Tradewinds Parks Saturday and Sunday, with $1.50 admission fees. Refreshments will be at all three parks and no pets are allowed.

Softball is huge in the South Florida LGBT community, and 18 local teams are in the tournament. Jarvis says the organization is a benefit for everyone.

“Softball and the SFAAA have been instrumental to me. I joined SFAAA back in Fall of 2008 and have served as a board of director since the Spring of 2010. It truly is more than a game for me but giving back to the community and being the proud commissioner of this league has been so rewarding and I am truly humbled to lead this amazing organization.”

If you’re anywhere along Wilton Drive during a softball weekend, you’ve likely seen teams in their uniforms having post-game get-togethers. This weekend will be no different. Hamburger Mary’s is hosting Thursday and Saturday after parties. The Village Pub hosts Friday and Lit Bar is Sunday.

For more details on the tournament, visit their site: SFAAASoftball.com.