The World AIDS Museum (WAM) is adding its own high-profile event to South Florida’s social calendar.

They’re bringing a Red Dress Dress Red gala to the community. The organization, which has lacked a high-profile fundraiser, has announced that the event will be on February 4, 2023. “We’re excited to bring such a national event here to South Florida which is going to be so great and hopefully well received,” Executive Director Terry Dyer said.

He made the comments while announcing that Hunters Nightclub will be the presenting sponsor. “We’re entering into a great partnership with Hunters Nightclub that we’re very excited about.”

The Red Dress Dress Red franchise began out west, and was most recently held last month in Palm Springs. Dyer attended the event to get ideas while still imbuing the event with South Florida flavor.

After the announcement, Hunters’ owner, Mark Hunter, talked about why WAM is important to him and our community.

“It tells a very important story that our community needs to know. The history of AIDS and HIV and the struggles that people went through. It’s important. It’s important.”

The event will kick off the COVID-delayed Pride of the Americas, a tie-in Dyer said matches the importance of WAM and the event.

“It’s important for us to preserve the history of HIV/AIDS and this event does just that.”

While a venue hasn’t been announced yet, Dyer the event is a big step to making the dream a reality.

“Bringing in a presenting sponsor for an event that’s going to happen next year is a huge opportunity for us.”

An event like this is important to financially support WAM, but it’s also about raising awareness of their work.  

“It’s also about connecting younger generations to the museum and the work that’s being done and the importance of the work at the museum.”