A New Concern in the Broward LGBT Community

An organizational meeting of the Broward Human Trafficking Coalition (BHTC) met on Tuesday morning. The coalition is a new entity in South Florida, which aims to combat human trafficking in the county by bringing together various persons from federal and local agencies. These officials will work with volunteers and advocates who may have a vested interest in protecting the rights of human trafficking victims and curbing the practice of human trafficking in South Florida.

Adriane Reesey, of the Broward Sheriff’s Office is heading up the BHTC along with help from various organizations such as Women In Distress, The FBI, Calvary Chapel, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, various college students and many others.


According to Reesey, Human Trafficking is an issue that needs to be explored with our full attention both as residents of Broward County and as members of the LGBT community.

“Broward County,” she says “is a likely place to find Human Trafficking if one knows what they’re looking for because we have a sea port, a thriving immigrant community and a rate of homelessness that is above the national average.”

Reesey goes on to explain that within that homeless population, upwards of 40% of the youths identify as LGBTQ. This is a national average, so gays and lesbians in other major cities should take note as well. “These LGBT youths are vulnerable to become victims of Human Trafficking right here in the USA,” Reesey explained.

There are plenty of opportunities for interested persons to get involved in the BHTC right now. Whether members of key organizations or just interested volunteers, the BHTC encourages new attendees to come to their monthly meetings and get familiar with the issue of Human Trafficking.

SFGN will be covering new developments in the BHTC over the next few weeks, but to learn more now, you can visit http://BHTC.us