Over a dozen SFGN distribution boxes in the Victoria Park and Greater Fort Lauderdale area were compromised this past week, with anonymous pamphlets containing nothing but Biblical quotes warning against homosexuality.

But the colorful and well-designed pamphlet, inserted into issues of SFGN, leaves a question open as to whether they are anti-gay, or instead, anti-Bible.

The cover reads Holy ‘Homophobic’ Bible, and when you open it up, there are a series of well known quotes suggesting homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of god, and that we are committing detestable acts.

On the other hand, when you look at the picture to the left, could the brochure have been prepared instead by a gay activist, trying to warn people that the Holy Bible is ‘homophobic’? And that is why the rainbow colors appear on the cover of the brochure?

“Either way it hardly counts as news,” said Executive Editor Jason Parsley, “and it has no business being in the paper.”

“Nonsense,” said Publisher Norm Kent. “A crazed religious zealot is poisoning our boxes while simultaneously distorting the Bible. It is definitely newsworthy.”

Kent overruled Parsley, and the story appears today.

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