“This is terrible news” said local HIV/AIDS advocate Michael Rajner in a Sun Sentinel article on Friday.

He’s talking about a decision by the Florida Health Department to start a “waiting list” for ADAP recipients. ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program) is the vital funding that many HIV positive persons rely on to pay for exorbitantly expensive anti-viral medications.

The state Department of Health first made the decision to cut funding by about $1 Million last year and now have realized that they fall short of providing for everyone.


Even though the waiting list does not kick in until June 1st, some patients are already being sidelined out of ADAP by the health department.

One patient from Comprehensive Care Center in Fort Lauderdale wishes to remain anonymous. He says, “I was supposed to get certified to receive ADAP funds a month ago but they kept giving me the run around and telling me that I had to wait until June 1st to schedule an appointment.”

“I couldn’t understand why they would want me without medication for so long but now I know why. It’s because of this waiting list and they’re already playing God with it and picking and choosing who gets in.”

After fighting off the prospect for a decade, Florida will be forced to start a waiting list for a program that pays for costly, lifesaving drugs needed by uninsured HIV/AIDS patients, officials said Friday.