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The second set of discussion about a domestic partner registry and equal rights ordinance for Hillsborough County is now underway.

There was a meeting this morning where the County Commissioners heard public comment and decided to push their votes to this afternoon.

During this morning’s meeting, representatives from Equality Florida, as well as private citizens, shared their opinions about moving forward with the Hillsborough Equal Rights Ordinance and the domestic partner registry. All public feedback was in favor of expanding protections for the LGBT community.

They also talked about the difference between H.E.L.P. (Hillsborough Health, Education and Life Planning) and a domestic partner registry.

“It’s important to note the distinction between the H.E.L.P and domestic partnership registry,” said Equality Florida’s Gina Duncan. “While H.EL.P. expands some rights it is purely contractual between to parties, a DPR acknowledges the validity of same sex households and the existence of a loving family relationship.”

From our media partner Watermark