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Last month, at least two men were held up at gunpoint after their Grindr date turned into a robbery. 

Irving Soto, 48, and Alexander Valentin, 35, met with suspect Vadol Marquise at his apartment in Boynton Beach on two separate days for a date after meeting Marquise on Grindr. Soon into the date however, both men reported that two additional masked men entered the room and threatened the victims and demanded that they hand over all of their valuables, according to the Palm Beach Post

Soto was let go after the robbers took more than $1000 in valuables from him, but Valentin was not so lucky. Dissatisfied with the valuables he had on him, the robbers forced him to drive to his house to steal more of his belongings. 

The robbers even took Valentin’s yorkie named Coco as a hostage, demanding that Valentin pay them $300 for the dog’s return. 

“It was bad. I couldn’t sleep,” Valentin told WPTV. “I was more concerned about my dog then them coming to my house because they told me if I didn’t pay them $300 by 10 p.m. (the next day) they would kill my dog and put her on my doorstep.” 

Valentin posted his experience to Facebook and caught the eye of Soto who recognized the familiar scenario. The two connected and decided to report the robberies to the police. 

Marquise was arrested last Wednesday alongside two other suspects, Rundy Robertson, 19 and Devin Bowie, 20.

Coco was found in their possession and returned to Valentin. 

“I started crying because … she’s my dog. I got very happy,” Valentin said. “Now that I have her, she’s going to give me strength.” 

Both men encouraged victims of similar crimes to share their stories in order to put a stop to the violence.