The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council (PBCHRC), which has served the needs of the LGBT community since 1988, requested that governor-elect Rick Scott’s first executive order in office will be to end discrimination in state employment. A similar order was ignored by Charlie Crist, yet the organization hopes the incoming administration will be more receptive.

“Unlike Charlie Crist, who spent much of his life in the political arena, Rick Scott has spent years in the corporate world,” said Rand Hoch, president and founder of PBCHRC. “Rick Scott can take this opportunity to assure all state employees that under his leadership, they will be evaluated based on the basis of merit and fitness, as opposed to any non-job related factors.”

The letter sent to the office of governor-elect Scott eloquently, yet strongly, urges him to think of all Floridians in making this executive decision.

“By doing so on the day you take office, you will assure all Floridians that the State of Florida is committed to providing equal employment opportunity in state government to all qualified individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, pregnancy or marital status.”

As the repeal of DADT, and the institution of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, are hot topics we can only hope that Rick Scott will issue the executive order for the “common good” of the state. Similar executive orders have been issued in 30 states.

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