Vivien “Vicky” Keller, a longtime South Florida social activist, has fallen on hard financial times and needs help. Keller, who championed many causes ranging from AIDS services, lesbian choruses, domestic partnerships and housing for gay teens rejected by their parents, is now 89 and simply cannot live on her total monthly resources, said her lawyer, Jodi A. Fischer.

“She lives incredibly meager,” Fischer told SFGN. “The sad fact is she can no longer stay alive.”

Friends of Keller have set up a page in hopes of helping her financial situation. Keller lives in a modest trailer in Oakland Park. Her lot rent was recently raised by $225 and the price hike has left Fischer searching for answers.

“What do I do with her?,” Fischer asked. “I do not have an extra bedroom in my house or else I would move her in with me.”

Because of her age, Keller has circulation problems and walks with a cane. Keller, Fischer said, has named no one as her healthcare surrogate, a disturbing trend in the elderly South Florida community.

“She is not alone,” Fischer said.

Keller served on the Pride Committee for 38 years as a vocal straight ally. Among her progressive credentials, include music director for Church of Our Savior MCC in Boca Raton, founder of AIDS Center One (1986-1989), Member of Sage since 1993 and as a notary of the public, notarized the first gay domestic partnership in Broward County in 1999.

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