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After more than two years of political attacks on the community and uncertainty in the arts community over health issues, the Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida (GMCSF) has a message for weary LGBT people: we’re unbreakable and we’re unstoppable.

This weekend, June 24-25 at Sunshine Cathedral, GMCSF is closing out their season with a pair of two-act concerts titled “Unbreakable and Unstoppable.” Act one is Unbreakable, a musical look at 120 years of the American gay experience. Words and music are by famed Andrew Lippa, and feature selections include Harvard’s Secret Court of 1920, the life of transgender and gay activist Sylvia Rivery, a look at the Lavender Scare and more. Unbreakable is described as “a heartrending and ultimately triumphant look at where we’ve been, what we’ve come through, and who we are today. Most of all, Unbreakable is a tribute to the perseverance and power of a people who would not be defeated and that could not be broken.”

Unstoppable will feature selections designed to have everyone dancing in the aisles, or at least dancing in their chairs. It will feature well-known queer pop classics including I’m Coming Out and Born This Way. This act “celebrates the explosion of triumphant gay anthems that have inspired us to be ourselves on dance floors and in communities across the globe.”

The past few years have tested the resolve of LGBT and arts organizations, and these concerts are designed to demonstrate that no matter what is thrown at us, we will persevere.

"Our community is so strong and so resilient. We have shown the world that despite the odds, we are tough as hell,” Mark B. Kent, executive director of GMCSF, told SFGN. “Yet, through our challenges, we in the LGBTQ+ community still find joy within ourselves. This concert is a tribute to that strength, that joy, and how unbreakable we are."

Shows are 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Sunshine Cathedral. For tickets and more information about the shows, visit