Summer is nearly year-round in South Florida, but in case you needed a definite starting point, this year it’ll come in the form of a giant water slide.

Slide the City, a giant slip-and-slide, will set up two 500-ft. water slides at Vista View Park in Davie on June 4. Rain or shine, the giant slides will open at 9 a.m. and anyone 5 years of age and older can take part.

“In [South Florida], we have the steepest hills we could find in Vista Park,” said Spencer Hunn, Co-owner of Slide the City. “We scoured Florida for hills and saw this beautiful park to start the beginning of our schedule here.”

Slide the City has been in South Florida once before with about 3,000 people turning up. This year, Hunn expects around 6,000 people to show up. The most-attended slide was in Pittsburgh, with 8,000 people sliding.

The year-and-a-half old company, which is based out of Salt Lake City, tours similar to a carnival. Hunn said they would tour year-round if the weather permits.

Slide the City provides thousands of tubes, toys, and water guns for sliders to use or purchase or you can bring your own, and the sliding goes on until 7 p.m.

Slide the City has about 75 stops planned so far this year from now through October. Sliders get their choice of the family lane, where parents and children can ride at the same time, or the party lane for others.

For Ultimate Sliders, you can ride as many times as possible for either the morning or afternoon slots. Tickets range from $35-$45 for ultimate sliders until the day of the event, and then the price goes up to $50. For All Day Sliders it’ll be $60 at the door. For Single Sliders, it’s $20, which includes one single slide down during the time slot you choose. Inflatable tubes are not included in the price for Single Sliders, but tubes are required for sliding so be sure to bring your own or purchase one on site.

While Slide the City does have employees onsite the day of the event, Hunn said it’s a mix of volunteers and employees to make sure the day goes well. Volunteers get to slide for free.


If You Go:

Slide the City: Fort Lauderdale/Miami

Vista View Park

4001 SW 142nd Ave.

Davie, Florida, 33330

June 4 | 9 a.m.

Register at