When thinking about gay stars and idols for the community the Zakar brothers offer something special and unique. Gay twins! SFGN was able to sit down with the Michael and Zach to learn a little about them and their show Pray The Gay Away. Their story unlike many is theirs played by them alone.

The twins take us through the journey of their lives as Israeli gay boys and the struggles of life with family, friends, and the world around them. 

What can you tell us is the most exciting thing about Pray the Gay Away?

Michael – It’s not a celebrity story, rather a story about two midtown kids and their journey of coming out. We had no idea where it would take us and it’s an amazing extravagant show tour. We are starting in two cities, so, stay tuned for additional dates.

Why did you choose to accept the role and put who you are out there for the world to see?

Zach -You do not see a lot of LGBT out people from the middle east advocating for equality or queer representation. We felt it creates a strong image for the Israeli community. Its our story and we are fortunate enough to star in something authentic and honest. It is us playing us and there is no better way to portray an authentic role than to do it yourself.

What has been like preparing for the show?

Michael – One of the most nerve-racking opportunities ever. Classically film trained but stage is something new. Keeping up with professionals in an industry we are not familiar with. 

Any secrets you can reveal about the show to our readers?

Zach – The show has a lot of surprises. It’s so gay it’s for everyone. In your face comedy for everyone and there is a bit of nudity for the audience to enjoy. It’s a very relatable story for the LGBT community and hits home for those outside the community.

How close to home is the play?

Michael – Very close as the main character is our mom. Very outlandish and crazy, spot on. Creates a family bond.

Zach – Surreal. I had a moment to look back at the play and see the real-life moments happen that where part of our family story. Creates an out of body type experience. 

So, tell us about each of yourselves:

Michael – We came from a background of special education, and this opportunity is amazing.

Zach- I never thought I would be a writer. This story has allowed us the ability to create our story, and our book turned into an Amazon Best Seller. It doesn’t just happen to anyone. I love writing and enjoy what I am doing. 

What is it like being twins and gay?

Michael – It’s the worst and best thing honestly. If I go to together, we flirt with the same guys. It’s like one brain and two bodies existing together. 

Zach- It’s a unique process. Born this way! Its amazing and the coming out journey I was never alone and always had someone with me during that time.

Are you single? 

Michael – Yes

Zach – Yes. You must give up a lot of our personal lives to be in entertainment!

Who is your favorite music artist?

Michael – Gwen Stefani – “What Are You Waiting For” prompted me to start my journey of writing.

Zach – Cari Underwood – I have been to four concerts to date.

What is your favorite food?

Michael – I love all carbs, anything, and I do mean anything. 

Zach – Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  

How old where you when you first came out to someone and who was that person?

Michael – It was in high school during a game of hide and seek. He told Kathy and she came out at the same time while hiding in the closet. 

Zach – I realized it when I was 16, a random friend at the pool. 

Do you want to leave our readers with anything special?

Michael – ‘Pray the Gay Away’ is the next big gay play. It has something for everyone. 

Zach – Everyone can relate to the disfunction of family. It makes fun of the process to shed light that the end of the world is not coming. I have been there is the feeling we want to leave you with

If getting to know Michael and Zach is as much fun as the show, they promise to offer a couple of hours of pure laughter and fun. Let’s explore gay life together in moments or relatability, laughter, joy, and some sorrow. You can purchase general seating or VIP seats with meet and greet options available. 

Show Dates – August 22 – Sept. 1

Broward Center For The Performing Arts

BrowardCenter.org or ZakarTwins.com