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Jacksonville – A gay Jacksonville man is released from jury duty after he refused to serve because he didn’t feel comfortable in the Duval County courthouse.

According to The New Civil Rights Movement, Chuck Chapman, 63, walked out of the courthouse without being held in contempt but also made sure his statement was made.

Chapman went to the courthouse Feb. 17 for jury duty but refused to serve because the courthouse stopped hold wedding ceremonies once same-sex marriage became legal in Florida. When that decision was made, Duval County Clerk of Courts Ronnie Fussell said they would issue same-sex marriage licenses but banned wedding ceremonies from being performed in the courthouse because he and some of the clerks did not feel comfortable marrying same-sex couples.

Chapman said “if they feel uncomfortable marrying same-sex people then I feel uncomfortable going in the courthouse,” according to The New Civil Rights Movement.

Chapman said that he was willing to be held in contempt, rather than agree to serve as a juror. According to First Coast News, after Chapman was dismissed, he was approached and congratulated by people there for taking a stand.

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