Far from the glitz and glamour of Miami Beach, Florida House of Representatives candidate Gabriel Gonzalez is delivering a message from Gen Z.

“What makes our generation different is, quite simply, that we’ve had enough,” said Gonzalez.  “We recognize that the systems that have been put in place or the people who have been in power have not really provided us with the help and support that we need and are making decisions that are adversely impacting our future.”

At 22 Gonzalez became the youngest Democrat to ever win a Florida primary. He now faces a well-funded Republican operative for the neatly drawn District 119, a new district that sits on the edge of the Everglades with Miami-Dade County’s Urban Development Boundary running through it. It’s a mix of agricultural lands and suburban neighborhoods with 87% of registered voters identifying as Hispanic. 

Gonzalez served three years as a county youth commissioner, traveling to Washington, D.C. and Tallahassee to advocate for enhanced safety measures. He started a non-profit to help children suffering from cancer and graduated with a degree in political science from Columbia University in New York City.

Gonzalez is gay and well aware of what that carries in the era of “Don’t Say Gay.”

“I understand that some parts of South Florida are not necessarily as welcoming as other parts are, but I feel it’s times like these that we have to be our loudest and bravest and we have to be putting our faces out there in the community because they are trying to silence us so our response must be being as loud as possible,” he said.


Gay Politicians Fight Back in Florida Primaries