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A gay cruise returned to Miami after two people required medical emergency attention. The RSVP Vacations Cruise had been out to sea for one day before reversing course and returning to port in Miami to offload two as yet unidentified men.

According to eye witness reports, the ship was closely followed by helicopters with the U.S. Coast Guard and local news teams. Passengers aboard the Regal Princess were told the ship was returning to Miami due to “medical emergencies.”

Roy Gorin, a retired orthopedic surgeon, spoke to SFGN via telephone from the Regal Princess.

“It’s an all gay cruise and they’re all drunk,” Gorin said.

Gorin said the cruise was scheduled to arrive in Cozumel, Mexico.

There is no official word as to what medical emergency caused the ship to return to Miami, although speculation swirls around drug activity.

“There’s three thousand gay men on this boat,” Gorin said. “You know what that means. There’s a lot of high risk activity associated with that.”

Calls to the Miami Port Public Affairs Office were not immediately returned Tuesday afternoon.

The ship set sail from Fort Lauderdale on Feb. 8 in a special sailing celebrating RSVP’s 30th anniversary. The ship was expected to continue its trip to Mexico and Grand Caymen after dropping off the two passengers.