Update: The four suspects have surrendered to the Miami Beach Police Department through an attorney. A spokesperson for the department said “We anticipate felony charges for each of them.”
The four men are Juan C. Lopez, 21; Luis M. Alonso, 20; Adonis Diaz, 21; and Pablo Reinaldo Romo, 21.


A gay couple were called faggots and then attacked outside the 6th Street public bathroom in Lummus Park on Sunday night in Miami Beach.

SFGN spoke to the gay couple, who described a violent attack by four males as they were on their way home from the festivities of Miami Beach Gay Pride.

Police are now searching for the suspects. The attack was caught on camera and video footage clearly shows the faces of the four males.

“This was my first time going to gay parade,” noted Rene Chalarca, 32.

At some point during the attack a third person attempted to intervene and assist the victims. This person was also beaten. All three victims went to the hospital.

“We were walking and holding hands and needed to use the bathroom,” Dmitry Logunov explained. So the two of them stopped at public restroom as they headed home for the evening.

As Logunov, 32, walked out of the restroom he was called a “faggot” in Spanish, punched, and then beaten unconscious. His boyfriend, Chalarca, quickly intervened, but three more men jumped in and began to attack him as well.

Chalarca’s memory is blurry after that but remembers attempting to chase the men as they fled the scene.

While the crime itself was horrific enough for them, what happened afterwards further traumatized the gay couple.

Once the police arrived both men urged the officers to go after their assailants, whom they could still see in the distance, but were told: “We won’t chase them, they are far.”

But then it got worse.

At one point a female officer told Logunov to “stop the drama, shut the fuck up.” Another officer repeated that to him a few minutes later. One of the officers also told him to “put ice on your face at home and you’ll be alright.”

“This is a terrible crime, as such, we are dedicating our full efforts to capturing the attackers. The Miami Beach Police Department prides itself on its inclusion of everyone,” a spokesperson for the Miami Beach Police Department said. “If anyone feels mistreated by any of our officers, they are encouraged to contact MBPD’s Internal Affairs unit so that any complaint can be addressed immediately.”

Miami Beach City Commissioner Michael Gongora also weighed in saying “I am disturbed by this and have sent to the Police Chief for investigation. Being Miami Beach’s first and only openly gay commissioner it’s important to me that our community be safe and treated well - especially during Gay Pride.”

Later after an ambulance arrived the paramedics treated the couple at the scene and also told them they’d be OK and to just go home, put ice on their faces, or they could pay $800 and go to the hospital.

The paramedics, though, were wrong.

Later the couple decided to go to the hospital on their own, where it was discovered Chalarca had a broken tear duct and was told to try not to cry or get emotional. He may need surgery.

Besides that, both were pretty shaken up and suffered from cuts and bruises. Parts of their faces were also very swollen.

On Monday the two men sought help from The Hub at the LGBT Visitor Center on Miami Beach where officials connected them with gay friendly officers at the MBPD.

“They were very nice and helpful,” Logunov said. “Then we met with the detective, who leads our case, and he was nice and professional as well. Today’s experience with the police was much better.”

If anyone has information contact Miami Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-0471-TIPS.