After two years of COVID cancellations and restrictions, South Florida’s arts scene is still finding its footing.

One thing that was never canceled or restricted was Funding Arts Broward’s (FAB) commitment to helping local artists keep their work alive. FAB just awarded $282,000 in grants to South Florida organizations.

Nearly a quarter-million dollars was split between 27 organizations for performances and programs. The remaining money was given to seven groups as education grants for K-12 students.

“As an avid supporter of the arts, we’re committed to cultivating the growing creative momentum in Broward County,” said Ed Hashek, president of FAB. “As our diverse cultural grantees are getting back to the business of programming in-person events, we’re looking forward to uniting the community to help make 2023 performances and educational initiatives even more meaningful. We’re thankful for our members and corporate patrons who fully support our mission.”

FAB’s work has been especially critical over the past two years. Usually their grants fund specific works and performances. But those requirements were relaxed during COVID, allowing groups to use the money to stay afloat as theaters and galleries sat empty.

Now, after a season that saw venues produce works under the constant threat of cancellation and attendance restrictions, people are preparing for a full 2022-23 season. The FAB grants are an integral part of making that happen.

The largest grants were $14,000 and went to Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fantasy Theater Factory, Florida Grand Opera, Miami City Ballet, Seraphic Fire, Slow Burn Theater Company, and South Florida Symphony Orchestra.

In announcing the grants, FAB said, “Each grant allocation was awarded for a unique upcoming program. Upcoming funded programs include Gold Coast Jazz Society’s 2023 Jazz Project which will feature four concerts of internationally recognized jazz artists and one free community jazz performance, Island City Stage's theatrical production of ‘Tracy Jones’ by Stephen Kaplan, Old Dillard Foundation’s ‘Influencers’ exhibit that capture the rich history and contributions of African Americans who have made an indelible impact on our county, South Florida Symphony Orchestra’s Masterworks V concert featuring Svetlana Smolina and Miami City Ballet’s Masters of Modern Ballet program.”

FAB is supported by lovers of the local arts, whose membership dues help fund grants that “preserve and cultivate” the arts in Broward County. Their work is also supplemented by corporate sponsors.