Fort Lauderdale Vice Mayor Steve Glassman responded this week to criticism of his tone from the Republican Party of Broward County.

Tom Powers, Chairman of the Republican Party of Broward County, criticized Glassman’s tone in crafting a resolution concerning the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol. 

“Don’t ostracize all Republicans and call it ‘unity,’” wrote Powers in a letter to the Sun Sentinel. Glassman’s choice of words in the resolution’s first draft, Powers wrote, would jeopardize the local economy and alienate millions of voters. 

Not so, said Glassman. In a letter published Thursday by the Sun Sentinel, Glassman said the resolution was important to condemn the attack which took the lives of five people. 

“As I stated in my resolution, healing can only occur when there are accountability and truth,” Glassman wrote. “And the truth is, this was an attempt to overthrow our government, rip apart our democracy and kill elected officials.”

The resolution was unanimously approved by the Fort Lauderdale Commission at its Jan. 21 meeting. Mayor Dean Trantalis said Glassman’s original version was offensive and asked for more aspirational language in an effort to preserve dignity for the democratic process. 

“We as a governing body of the City of Fort Lauderdale need to find ways to bring people together,” Trantalis said. 

Trantalis acknowledged, “There are a lot of people in our city that support the former president.”

Trantalis’ management of the issue drew praise from Powers, the Republican leader.

“Thank you Mayor Trantalis and Commissioner Moraitis for being the adults in the room and governing on behalf of all of your constituents,” Powers wrote.

Glassman, meanwhile, had some advice for Powers.

“I suggest he reevaluate his role, stay out of municipal business and try saying the words, ‘The election was not stolen,’” Glassman wrote.

The Jan. 21 meeting was a contentious one for Glassman, who also tangled with Commissioner Robert McKenzie over the appointment of a medical director for the city’s fire-rescue department. The virtual discussion shifted to mentions of the Stonewall riots and Juneteenth holiday with Glassman accusing McKenzie of believing LGBT people choose their identities.

“Do not lecture me Commissioner McKenzie,” Glassman shouted before Trantalis intervened. 

McKenzie denied the accusation, but did admit he told the mayor not to compare the two historical events.


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