Pembroke Pines City Commissioner tells those who disagree to “f**k off”

Pembroke Pines City Commissioner and former Broward House Executive Director Angelo Castillo presumably mocked Caitlyn Jenner on Facebook last week in order to elicit an “adult discussion.”

Here’s what he had to say:

“I have an announcement to make. After considerable thought, I’ve decided to remain a guy. Now, I know this defies all conventional wisdom, trends and styles. Yet I’ve considered my decisions carefully and just feel it will be better for all concerned. In the days ahead, I ask for your help and support. Staying a guy is not an easy choice to make but in reaching this difficult decision I hope you will all understand that I really think this is the best choice I can make for me. (satire added, no extra charge) Discuss.”

And “discuss” is exactly what Castillo’s Facebook friends did, much to the commissioner’s chagrin. When they started to complain his responses got angry and dismissive at one point telling everyone to go “fuck themselves” if they didn’t like it.

“But nobody — as in nobody — tells me how to think, write or speak. You can like, or dislike, agree or disagree, sympathize or alienate, chuckle or cry, cringe or embrace, all or none, all that and more however you wish. But in this country, I have a right to say what I wish in the manner that I choose for the purposes I select and in the way I think is right. Anybody that doesn’t like me doing that they can go fuck themselves. Is that clear enough?”

This wasn’t Castillo’s first post about Jenner either. Earlier he posted a photo of the Vanity Fair cover featuring Jenner saying “Well, I’ll say this. She’s better looking than Rudy Giuliani.”

Below is his response to one of his Facebook friends:

“If you find it inappropriate, if it offends you, defriend me. I don’t do this series for your approval or disapproval. I do it to generate adult discussion among those who are supposed to possess a curious inclination toward public policy. I couldn’t give a rats ass what impression it has on you. It’s about much more than you or me. It’s about people thinking about how they react to such things as a man deciding to courageously to align his emotional gender with his physique, and the odd reactions that evokes in some — as if his decisions (hers actually) was somehow about them. I will employ humor, I will employ seriousness, I may share my views, I may invent views — I may choose to use other means to generate that discussion and if you’re truly offended, hey, we’ll still be friends — take off. Get lost, Nobody’s forcing you to be here. There will be no problem by me.”

SFGN reached out to Broward House, where Castillo served as executive director for many years, for a comment.

“Broward House is defined by the demonstrated commitment of our staff to the care and prevention of HIV and providing individuals services with dignity,” said Stacy Hyde, current president and CEO. “Our goal is to honor what makes each of us in our community similar and what make us unique, simply to be authentic.”

CEO of Equality Florida Nadine Smith was more direct.

“I'm disappointed that so many are using male pronouns for Caitlyn Jenner. More disappointed at the snarky post. I've got a great sense of humor but the best comics will tell you always punch up at the privileged. Punching someone being held down, that's not humor that's just meanness. Be better than this post,” she said.