The Florida Department of Health is setting up a workshop to write regulations for the cannabis oil known as "Charlotte's Web."

Last month, a Tallahassee administrative law judge tossed out proposed rules for the oil, which is to be used in treating children suffering from epilepsy.

In a statement, FDOH Communications Director Nathan Dunn said the department would not appeal Administrative Law Judge W. Donald Watkins' decision and instead prepare to rewrite rules governing the oil.

"The Department has submitted a notice for a December 30th Rule Development Workshop in Orlando to establish framework for access to this product," Dunn said.

Advocates for the oil believe it will help more than 125,000 people in Florida who suffer from epilepsy. The oil is high in CBO and low in the euphoric producing THC, which most marijuana users experience. At the workshop, FDOH officials will consider up to 21 different national strains of medically approved marijuana. SFGN reached out the Florida Medical Association for comment but did not have its call returned.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Destin) who spearheaded the "Charlotte's Web" legislation told the Orlando Sentinel that he was confident the executive branch would be able to craft rules for the oil to avoid another discussion in the legislature.

"I urged them not to wait for any redo by the legislature," said Gaetz.

Other issues surrounding "Charlotte's Web" include which farms will be licensed to grow and produce cannabis.