FabScout Partners With Midland Cares

Photo via Adobe

A newly developed nonprofit under the Midland brand, Midland Cares, has announced a local partnership with FabScout Entertainment, Inc. It is their first public health care partnership.

The goal for Midland is to take the redundancies seen in most healthcare settings and provide innovative ways to address health disparities in our communities.
As a result, Midland Cares will provide complementary PrEP and HIV navigation services, including STI screening and treatment for all.

Recognizing that performers in the Adult Entertainment community travel across the globe, they have tailored their PrEP and HIV medication services to assist those who may have lost or forgotten their medications when traveling.

"Midland treats every one of their patients like family,” Howard Marr of FabScout said. “They place your healthcare paramount and provide tailored approaches to your specific needs."

Midland is also known for providing holistic approaches to treatment, including Care Management, referrals and assistance with mental health, substance abuse counseling, housing, health insurance, and even social support.