Express Gay News Archive

Express Gay News Archive

The South Florida Gay announces that the Express Gay News, from Issue 1 on January 25, 2000, through Norm Kent’s sale of the paper, on February 16, 2004, is now online and accessible for your historical review.

During the six years that Unite Media owned the rights to the website of the original Express, they regretfully chose not to put it online, and it therefore was inaccessible on the Internet. After the bankruptcy of Unite Media last fall, Kent acquired the rights to the URL and website back, in conjunction with a deal partnered with Peter Clark of Hotspots!.

The archives of the Express and South Florida Blade are now on hand at the Stonewall Library. But the first four years of The Express are now visible for your review, with the entire search engine intact, at Go to the web tools link and drag down to the back issues to catch up on Florida’s LGBT heritage.

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