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Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar. The actress who pioneered the on-screen character of Catwoman in the 1960s continues to be an icon and ally to the LGBT community.

She is among the honorees at this year’s Diversity Honors. The ceremony will be on the evening of Oct. 9, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood. The evening fetes people who champion and advance inclusiveness and transform lives by living their true, authentic lives.

The celebration benefits The Pride Center at Equality Park and the Harvey Milk Foundation. This is the sixth annual Diversity Honors, and embodies the spirit of slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk.

“Diversity Honors was founded on one of Harvey Milk’s basic principles, namely, that we must encourage and celebrate visibility and authenticity so the world can know us and accept us,” said Miriam Richter of the Harvey Milk Foundation. “This is our goal in honoring local people and institutions as well as from all over the globe.”

Harvey’s nephew, Stuart Milk, is scheduled to present awards. The night will be hosted by WPLG personality Jacey Birch with live entertainment by Company B (“Fascinated''). The night includes a cocktail reception and their popular and fun balloon pop raffle.

Newmar is being honored with the DMK Harvey Milk Icon Award.


Other honorees include:

Brian Christopher, the world's top Social Influencer for Slot Machines and Casinos. Along with Marco, his husband for 18 years, he is a proud advocate of normalizing LGBT portrayals in the media. He’s credited by fans as giving them the courage to come out to their families and offering an example of a happy and successful gay man who lives his life with confidence. He will receive the Harvey Milk Foundation Visibility Award.

Visit Lauderdale, which promotes greater Fort Lauderdale as an inclusive destination, is getting The Pride Center at Equality Park Alan Schubert Award.

Trail-blazing transgender activist Gina Duncan, attorney and activist Shenika “Nik” Harris, Executive Director for Legal Aid Service of Broward County Anthony J. Karrat and entrepreneur Linda Rae will all be honored with Diversity Honors awards.

Romas Zabarauskas, a major out-and-authentic film director from Lithuania who always brings LGBT themes to his work. Romas is being honored with the Harvey Milk Foundation LGBTQ Champion Award. There will be a screening of his latest work, “The Lawyer,” at 5 p.m. before the ceremony.

All attendees must pass a rapid COVID test before entering the movie or the ceremony. Tickets are $250 per person, and a virtual experience is available for the same price complete with a basket delivery from Red Chair Catering.

To reserve tickets or for event details and COVID-19 safety guidelines, please visit