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An employee at Walt Disney World was arrested Tuesday night after masturbating in a Wal-Mart located in Kissimmee, Fla., about 25 miles south of Orlando, where he "flung" bodily fluids at a female shopper he followed throughout the store while listening to "audio pornography" on headphones.

According to the Smoking Gun, Taylor Davis, 20, committed the deed in the store's infants area. A Wal-Mart security guard apparently saw him touching himself and following a female customer. The guard called police after she saw Davis wipe a "white substance" on Wal-Mart products, which were later discarded.

Police say Davis did not expose himself inside the store but was masturbating through a hole he cut inside his hoodie.

During questioning, Davis reportedly confessed to touching himself in the Wal-Mart and said he saw an attractive woman and followed her around.

"Mr. Davis stated that he masturbated and after he 'finished' he flung the semen off of his hand," a deputy reported. The bodily fluid Davis threw landed on the back of the female shopper who didn't know she was struck.

Davis also said he was "listening to audio pornography on his phone" while "touching himself inside his sweatshirt." Police took the sweatshirt, along with Davis' phone and a bottle of baby oil. He said "his sweatshirt has a hole on the interior for him to access his penis when he wants to masturbate" in public.

Davis admitted to being addicted to porn and told police he's "struggled with the issue of public masturbation for close to a year" and "wishes to seek help for this problem." He also said he's carried out similar acts while working at Disney World, where he's now on unpaid leave pending the outcome of his criminal case.

Davis was charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors. He was arrested but released on a $750 bond Wednesday. He could face additional charges from the Wal-Mart incident.

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