This week the gay rights group Palm Beach County Human Rights Council caused a bit of a stir when they endorsed Republican Ellyn Bogdanoff over Democrat Maria Sachs for the Florida Senate. Sachs has been a long supporter of gay rights while LGBT activists are split over Bogdanoff.

In a recent Sun Sentinel story Bogdanoff said she has long supported gay marriage.

“Bogdanoff said she’s long held her view,” wrote the Sentinel. “She said she didn’t remember if she’d ever stated it publicly before, but said she told anyone who asked.”

Except there’s one problem with that. SFGN asked her in May and June of 2012 if she supported gay marriage. She ignored both emails. So it appears she didn’t tell everyone who asked.

Bogdanoff also told the Sentinel that she voted against the 2008 constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Florida.

“I can respectfully disagree with some of the members of my party on that issue,” she said. “I don’t believe that it’s government’s role to determine, I don’t. Here’s the thing: People either choose to get married or choose not to get married if they want to be together. I have a lot of friends who are together as couples and have children together and have not necessarily have had the privilege of getting married.”