The appearance of a radical ex-Florida Representative has created a dust-up in the race for Miami-Dade Mayor.

On Wednesday, Equality Florida condemned the Esteban “Steve” Bovo campaign for its association with former Florida Rep. Kim Daniels. Daniels, a Jacksonville area Black Christian preacher, has a history of inflammatory statements and behaviors, said Stratton Pollitzer, EqFL’s deputy director.

“As a voter in Miami I find it shocking that any candidate would invite a self-described demon-buster who Jacksonville voters just tossed out of office to be the voice of his campaign,” said Pollitzer, a North Miami resident. “This is a woman who said Black people should be grateful for slavery and that she wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama for a billion dollars. She is out of touch with reality and with the voters of our community. Shame on Bovo.”

On Oct. 5, Daniels surfaced in Miami-Dade County to lead a press conference in support of Bovo, District 13 commissioner. 

“It is no secret that foundational Christian values are constantly under attack in America,” Daniels said, going on to declare Bovo has a “tracking record of supporting issues important to believers.”

Daniels was defeated in her re-election bid to the Florida House in District 14, losing in the Democratic primary to Angie Nixon. 

Bovo’s opponent, Daniella Levine Cava, has been endorsed by Equality Florida, SAVE and the Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus. Levine Cava is the sitting Commissioner in District 8.