Are you looking for more than a soft serve?

The Daddy’s Ice Cream Social is a free event at the Wilton Manor’s Pride Center that encourages socialization and networking. It will be hosted in the Main Hall on Saturday, August 20 from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The social is geared toward bringing adults of all ages together in hopes of eventually establishing a platform where advice and information can be exchanged in a fun and welcoming community.

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“[The Ice Cream Social] is an attempt to reach a younger adult group, a group of individuals that will be facing life altering decisions that sometimes can’t be reversed, i.e. looking at retirement, Medicare choices, things we only go through once in our life … we’re trying to gather a younger group so that we can have fun and that we can share information,” said Bruce Williams, Senior Vice Coordinator of the Pride Center at Equality Park. “It enhances a third of one’s life when they make the right decisions.”

“Come, mix and mingle over cherries and nuts for a sparkling good time with Daddies of all ages (and those who enjoy them),” reads the Center’s Facebook page.

This is the Pride Center’s first ice cream social and will be “purely fun, nothing but socialization and ice cream,” Williams said. “I’m guessing we will have close to 70, 75 [attendees], maybe even more.”

The Pride Center offers many other events for their relatively new maturing adult program, which has been a part of the Center for nearly 4 years.

“The flagship of our mature group is a ‘coffee and conversation’ on Tuesdays which pull 200 to 250 attendants,” Williams said, and included that the Center sees regular traffic of all ages.

“Come out, have fun, enjoy some ice cream and meet the community,” Williams said.