Like a cat with nine lives, Craig Jungwirth keeps popping up. 

The man, who was once arrested, and made national news, by threatening to harm the Wilton Manors LGBT community with a ‘Pulse’ like attack in 2016, just won’t go away.

From Facebook friend requests, to fake Instagram accounts, Jungwirth continues to harass the local community. 

 AEblastaddintextFor instance it appears he runs an instagram account @FortLauderdalePride, which is just close enough to Pride Fort Lauderdale’s account (@PrideFortLauderdale) to confuse people.  

“I already filed an infringement report with Instagram but since he’s not using our logo on it they can’t do much. We do have a valid trademark on Pride of the Americas Pride Fort Lauderdale, trans Pride Fort Lauderdale and pride Fort Lauderdale which we will enforce as soon as he has posted our logo on anything,” said President of Pride Fort Lauderdale Miik Martorell. 

SFGN Publisher and criminal defense attorney Norm Kent believes the state has turned a blind eye to Jungwirth’s antics. 

 “I think law enforcement officers could have charged Craig with criminal acts for orchestrating a conspiracy to defraud legitimate businesses by interfering with their operations and by filing phony lawsuits,” Kent said. “He’s crossed the line and it should be investigated by law enforcement. His civil stalking has become criminal harassment and it should be investigated and prosecuted. These are recurring, repeated and recidivistic acts.”

Meanwhile Shane Tate, organizer of Key West Bear Weekend, keeps getting Facebook friend requests from Jungwirth. 

“He has tried to friend me and several of my family members in the last month, but I have warned everyone just to block him. I do not engage him at all. I just immediately block his accounts and his phone numbers when he tries to text me,” Tate said. “I’ve never met this man. I’ve never done anything to him, yet he threatened to put a bullet through my head. The man scares me. I have my Key West Bear Weekend [coming up] and I plan on giving all my door people photos of Craig Jungwirth just in case he attempts to enter any of my parties.”

Jungwirth made national news in 2016 when he was accused of posting this message on Facebook:

“My events are selling out cause you faggots are total patsies. None of you deserve to live,” a man wrote on Facebook with the profile name Craig Jungwirth. “If you losers thought the Pulse nightclub shooting was bad, wait till you see what I’m planning for Labor Day.” Another message read: “I’m gonna be killing you fags faster than cops kill niggers. It’s time to clean up Wilton Manors from all you AIDS infested losers.”

At the time SFGN could not independently verify whether those messages came from Jungwirth since he was known to create multiple fake profiles to promote his Beach Bear Weekend events. 

More recently Jungwirth attempted to sell tickets to a legitimate pool party at a local guesthouse that he had no part in. In the past Jungwirth has been accused of attempting to scam the gay community with fake “Bear” events. 

Jungwirth legitimately bought the rights to Beach Bear Weekend but then was accused of turning it into a scam. The former organizers attempted to sue Jungwirth to take the event back, but eventually dropped the suit after deciding the event was forever tainted and no longer worth the hassle. Eventually a new legitimate event called Bearsurrection was launched with the hope of circumventing Jungwirth. 

It didn’t work. 

Over the past month several members of the community contacted SFGN to alert us of the above scam. 

Jungwirth even contacted SFGN on Instagram promoting his event. When SFGN asked for a comment Jungwirth said, “you have nice hair.”

A recap of Jungwirth’s recent legal issues: 

FALL 2016 — Arrested and charged with interstate transmission of a threatening communication. Charges later dropped.
2016 — Jungwirth maliciously sues Alibi, The Manor, Hunter’s and PJ’s Bar in Wilton Manors in Orange County Court in Orlando for allegedly breaching Beach Bear Weekend contracts they never had signed, but Jungwirth bounces all his filing fee checks to the county and various Judges dismiss all the suits on motions by Norm Kent acting as their counsel.
January 2017 — Charges against Jungwirth dropped after prosecutors admitted the evidence against him was “weak.” Federal investigators were not able to link the threats to any of the 59 Facebook profiles Jungwirth had access to.
January 2017 — Jungwirth pleads guilty to skipping out on his bill at the Courtyard Cafe in 2015 as well as criminal mischief from an incident in 2016 when Jungwirth defaced the windows at Rumors with paint. Sentenced to probation.
June 2017 — Arrested again after he violated the terms of his probation by not completing a psychological evaluation and assessment and violating a no-contact order with the victim of his crimes. “The bottom line is it wasn’t done. He needs to get it done. He was ordered to have it done. What he’s saying is clearly not true,” Judge Lerner-Wren said at the time. “I would certainly admonish Mr. Jungwirth to fully comply with any and all no-contact orders – direct, indirect and that is through any means of social media – email, Twitter, Facebook, blogging.”
August 2017 — Attempts to sue Publisher of SFGN, Norm Kent, for defamation. “Defendant Kent intentionally and with malice published an article which provided entirely different information and cited these various websites, contracts and various agreements as sources thus making misrepresentations and making false statement,” the lawsuit read. It was later dismissed. “His claim is specious without merit and a frivolous waste of the court’s time,” Kent said at the time. “Nothing we said about him was untrue. SFGN stands by its reporting.”
FALL 2017 — Trying to avoid service on a suit naming him as a defendant, Jungwirth hides out in a county court bathroom and is removed by BSO.
FALL 2018 — Jungwirth attempts to sue an Alibi bartender for defamation at a Pride Fort Lauderdale event. Pending, awaiting a ruling on a motion to dismiss.
December 2018 — Arrested after an incident involving an argument with his mother where he was accused of falsely imprisoning her, which included trying to prevent her from meeting with police officers. He was released on bond. Formal charges were not filed. The State Attorney declined to prosecute the case.


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