Craig Jungwirth, the man who once threatened a Pulse style attack against Wilton Manors, has reemerged and is once again attempting to insert himself into a local event for Bears. 

In the past Jungwirth has been accused of attempting to scam the gay community with fake “Bear” events. Jungwirth legitimately bought the rights to Beach Bear Weekend but then was accused of turning it into a scam. The former organizers then attempted to sue Jungwirth to take the event back, but eventually dropped the lawsuit after deciding the event was no longer worth the hassle. Eventually a new legitimate event called Bearsurrection was launched with the hope of circumventing Jungwirth. 

It didn’t work. 

Jungwirth has continued to attempt to piggy back off other legitimate local events in order to scam the LGBT community. Now he has a flyer on his website promoting an upcoming pool party at the Grand Resort and Spa. But organizers of the event say Jungwirth has nothing to do with the event.  


Jungwirth even contacted SFGN on Instagram promoting his event. When SFGN asked for a comment Jungwirth said “you have nice hair.” 

The event in question is the Fort Lauderdale Bearurrection Pool Party on September 29 at the Grand Resort. The official website is

Tickets to the pool party on Jungwirth’s website cost $108.10. Tickets to the event on its official webpage cost $40 in advance and $45 at the door. 


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